Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

Who’s number two on the New Orleans Saints?

ActiveDown arrow icon PlayerDown arrow icon #Down arrow icon CollegeP.J.

Williams26Florida StateMarcus Williams43UtahMarcus Willoughby59ElonJameis Winston2Florida State55 more rows.

Who is number 83 on the Saints 2020?

Juwan JohnsonJuwan Johnson #83 News, Stats, Photos – New Orleans Saints – NFL – MSN Sports.

What did Gardner-Johnson say?

New Orleans Saints safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson responded in an Instagram story to the pair of punches he received from Chicago Bears wide receiver Javon Wims in Sunday’s 26-23 overtime victory. Gardner-Johnson wrote that Wims “punch like a female” and took a “cheap shot.”

What number is Chauncey Gardner Johnson?

23 Chauncey Gardner-Johnson.

Why did Saints player get punched?

The Bears wide receiver Wims punched Saints’ cornerback C.J. Gardner-Johnson at the end of a play in the third quarter of their Week 8 game, inciting a scuffle that ended with multiple players on the ground. Wims was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and ejected from the contest.

Who is number 83 for the Chicago Bears?

Javon WimsNo. 83 – Chicago BearsCareer historyChicago Bears (2018–present)Roster status:ActiveCareer NFL statistics as of 202014 more rows

What number is Chauncey Gardner?

22Chauncey Gardner-Johnson #22 News, Stats, Photos – New Orleans Saints – NFL – MSN Sports.

Who is number 22 on the Saints football team?

C. J. Gardner-JohnsonNo. 22 – New Orleans SaintsBorn:December 20, 1997 Cocoa, FloridaHeight:5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)Weight:210 lb (95 kg)Career information18 more rows

What did CJ Gardner do?

New Orleans Saints defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson was the victim of an ugly attack during Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears. Bears wide receiver Javon Wims brutally punched an unsuspecting Gardner-Johnson twice after a routine play. Wims was ejected.

How old is Gardner Johnson?

23 years (December 20, 1997)C. J. Gardner-Johnson/Age

Who is number 42 for the Saints?

Zach LineZach Line #42 News, Stats, Photos – New Orleans Saints – NFL – MSN Sports.

What college did CJ Gardner Johnson go to?

Florida Gators footballC. J. Gardner-Johnson/Colleges

Who is number 7 on the New Orleans Saints?

Taysom HillNo. 7 – New Orleans SaintsPosition:QuarterbackPersonal informationBorn:August 23, 1990 Pocatello, IdahoHeight:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)16 more rows

Who is the fastest player on the Saints team?

Top 10 fastest NFL players in 2021 playoffs (mph)PlayerTeamTop speed (mph)Mecole HardmanChiefs21.52Tyreek HillChiefs20.76Andre RobertsBills20.76Deonte HarrisSaints20.666 more rows•Feb 7, 2021

Who punched CJ Gardner-Johnson?

Javon WimsWhat’s baffling is that this is the second time it’s happened this season, with Miller’s teammate Javon Wims having sucker-punched Gardner-Johnson in a meeting back in Week 8.