Denzel Mims Baylor Nfl Draft Profile

Was Denzel Mims draft?

In what might be remembered as a historically loaded wide receiver draft class, Denzel Mims slipped until the 59th overall selection.

When he finally received a phone call from the Jets in the second round, Mims became the 13th wideout taken in the 2020 NFL Draft..

What team does Denzel Mims play for?

New York Jets#11 / Wide receiverDenzel Mims/Current teams

How many drops did Denzel Mims have?

24 dropsAccording to Sports Info Solutions, he had 24 drops over his final three seasons.

What number is Denzel Mims?

11New York Jets / Wide receiverDenzel Mims/Number

When was Denzel Mims drafted?

2020New York Jets2016Baylor Bears footballDenzel Mims/Dates joined

Does Denzel Mims have a brother?

According to an article from the Waco Tribune-Herald., Mims comes from a family where his three older brothers all played football. He also had some cousins who played, including former Texas State DB David Mims II, who happens to be the son of a former Baylor running back, David Mims.

How old is Denzel Mims?

23 years (October 10, 1997)Denzel Mims/Age

Where did Denzel Mims go to college?

Baylor UniversityDenzel Mims/College

Where is Marvin Mims from?

FriscoMims grew up in Frisco, Texas and attended Lone Star High School.

Where was Denzel Mims born?

Daingerfield, Texas, United StatesDenzel Mims/Place of birth