Did Mahomes Shake Brady’S Hand After Super Bowl?

Did Mahomes congratulate Brady?

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is heard in newly released footage congratulating Tampa Bay Buccaneers rival Tom Brady on his Super Bowl win as they met at midfield immediately after the game.

‘You’re a legend, man,’ Mahomes tells Brady in the video released by NFL Films on Tuesday.

‘Congrats man.


Who is the best QB of all time?

25 Greatest Quarterbacks in NFL HistoryRoger Staubach, 1969-79. Record. 85-29.Ben Roethlisberger, 2004-Present. Record. 156-74-1. … Bart Starr, 1956-71. Record. 94-57-6. … Troy Aikman, 1989-2000. Record. 94-71. … Otto Graham, 1946-55. Record. … Warren Moon, 1984-2000. Record. … Terry Bradshaw, 1970-83. Record. … Sammy Baugh, 1937-52. Record. … More items…•Mar 1, 2021

What did Brady tell Mahomes?

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are heading to Super Bowl LV to face Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. In 2019, the Chiefs lost to Brady, then on the Patriots, in the AFC championship. Brady consoled the young MVP winner and told him to “stay with the process and be who you are.”

Who is a better quarterback Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Manning’s passer rating is 17% better than the league average during his career, Brady’s 15%. … Manning’s biggest edge on Brady is his seven first-team All-Pro seasons, Johnny Unitas is next at five among quarterbacks. Brady had three. Manning also won a record five MVP awards, Brady three.

What is Tom Brady net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tom Brady has a net worth of about $200 million. This is his lone net worth and does not include money made by his wife, Gisele Bundchen. The two combined are worth nearly $600 million.

Did Brady shake hands with Mahomes?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, who has snubbed Foles during the postgame handshake (not once but twice!), stuck around after a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 12 to shake hands with quarterback Patrick Mahomes. … Last week, for example, Brady did not shake Jared Goff’s hand.

Did Brady shake hands with Patrick Mahomes?

Tom Brady deems Patrick Mahomes important enough to shake hands (Video) Tom Brady sees Patrick Mahomes as his equal, and shook his hand. Brady has received much flack for not showing much sportsmanship after losses. That’s fair, considering Brady is not used to losing too often.

Do Mahomes and Brady get along?

The two men have built a friendship during Mahomes’ time in the NFL. They had a long conversation after their first matchup in the AFC Championship Game, and Brady apparently has stayed in touch with Mahomes. It’s clear they respect each other. It’s always awesome to get glimpses into these historic moments.

Did Mahomes beat Brady?

Mahomes finally defeated Brady on Dec. 8, 2019, in New England. Both quarterbacks were limited to one passing touchdown each in the Chiefs’ 23-16 victory.

Did Brady shake hands yesterday?

For the second time this season, Tom Brady rushed off the field without shaking hands with his opposing quarterback after losing a game in primetime. The six-time Super Bowl champion swiftly left the field after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost 27-24 at home against the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football.

What does Mahomes brother do?

Jackson Mahomes Bio: Patrick Mahomes’ Brother, Dancing & Net Worth. Many would know him as the most renowned NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ brother, but as of now, he has moved up in the world as a social media sensation. He has raised his profile as a Tiktok star and Instagram star.

Did Patrick Mahomes win the Super Bowl?

ON THIS DATE: One year ago today, Patrick Mahomes leads Kansas City to a come-from-behind 31-20 win over the San Francisco 49ers, marking the Chiefs’ first Super Bowl title in 50 years.

Did Brady shake Mahomes hand after the Super Bowl?

According to the outlet, Mahomes told his victor he was “awesome,” to which Brady responded “keep in touch.” It’s certainly impressive considering the Chiefs’ quarterback was reeling from his first Super Bowl loss. … Brady has always been glad to shake hands after winning games but otherwise steers clear.

What did Mahomes say to Brady after Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 2021: What Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce told Bucs’ Tom Brady following loss. … Congrats, man,”Mahomes told Brady. Brady reciprocated the compliment, telling Mahomes, “You’re a stud, bro, keep in touch.”

Who is better Brady or Mahomes?

Brady is the all-time NFL leader with 581 TD passes. He ranks second in career passing yards (79,204). He also has a 97.3 career passer rating, which ranks seventh all time. … Mahomes has the highest all-time passer rating in NFL history at 108.7.

Who is better Mahomes or Rodgers?

So, the main reason Mahomes has more passing yards than Rodgers is because he has thrown 86 more passes than Rodgers. … Rodgers also has a higher completion percentage and has thrown fewer interceptions than Mahomes. Both quarterbacks have a 1.0 percent interception percentage for the season.

What quarterback did Brady not shake hands with?

FolesAs we all know, Brady did not shake hands with Foles following the 20-19 loss.

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