How Many Times Has Joe Burrow Been Sacked Today?

How many interceptions did Joe Burrow throw in 2019?

two interceptionsLSU quarterback Joe Burrow went 32 for 42 passing with 489 yards and five touchdowns on Saturday, throwing two interceptions in the third quarter.

It is his only two-interception game of the 2019 season..

Who will be LSU QB in 2020?

Stanislaus standout enters the 2020 season as the only Tiger quarterback with game experience, throwing for 600 yards and two touchdowns in three seasons. Despite Joe Brady returning to the NFL, Myles plans to be just as successful in LSU’s spread/RPO offense, as it reminds him of his high school days.

Who will start QB for LSU?

Myles Brennan was the clear-cut starter for LSU ahead of the 2020 football season, but his campaign was cut short when he suffered an torn abdomen against Missouri, causing him to miss seven games.

What happened to Joe Burrow today?

Burrow is now roughly a week into his recovery process after a successful surgery on his injured knee, and more good news has arrived. Burrow’s surgery was performed by Dr. Neal ElAttrache, who has worked on a number of players in 2020 who had their seasons cut short.

How many times has burrow been hit?

Coming into the game, Burrow had taken 72 hits—a historically high number: #Bengals QB Joe Burrow came into the game having taken 72 hits. That was tied with Daniel Jones for the most by a rookie QB in his first nine games since 2000. Despite the poor protection, Burrow’s play has been promising.

Who will replace Joe Burrow 2020?

Myles BrennanThat is where Myles Brennan could find himself in the 2020 Tigers’ football season. Brennan, who will be the projected starting quarterback for the Tigers as a redshirt junior, will try to replace Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow.

Who hit Joe Burrows?

Johnathan AllenJoe Burrow’s season ended Sunday against the Washington Football Team when defensive tackle Johnathan Allen hit the rookie quarterback in his left knee.

Who will quarterback LSU in 2020?

TJ FinleyOn Tuesday night, 3-star 2020 prospect TJ Finley out of Louisiana announced he’d continue his career with the Tigers. According to 247Sports, Finley is the No. 9 pro-style quarterback in the class of 2020 and the No. 12 overall recruit from the state of Louisiana.

How many yards did Joe Burrow throw for this year?

StatisticsSeasonTeamPassingYds2018LSU2,8942019LSU5,671Career8,8523 more rows

Who does Joe Burrow play for now?

Cincinnati Bengals#9 / QuarterbackJoe Burrow/Current teams

How many times did Joe Burrow get sacked at LSU?

LSU Tigers in the NFL: Joe Burrow sacked 7 times, Bengals 1-3-1 start.

How many times did Joe Burrow get sacked in 2019?

Career Passing StatsYearTeamSacked2016OhioSt12017OhioSt02018LSU352019LSU341 more row