Is Brian Cushing Retired?

How old is Megan Cushing?

31 years (July 22, 1989)Megan Cushing/Age.

Who is Brian Cushing’s wife?

Megan CushingBrian Cushing/Wife

Who is the best Texans player?

Andre Johnson. Seasons With Texans: 2003–14.J.J. Watt. … DeAndre Hopkins. Seasons With Texans: 2013–19. … Arian Foster. Seasons With Texans: 2009–15. … Duane Brown. Seasons With Texans: 2008–17. … Mario Williams. Seasons With Texans: 2006–11. … Matt Schaub. Years With the Texans: 2007–13. … Johnathan Joseph. Seasons With Texans: 2011–19. … More items…•Jul 22, 2020

How tall is Brian Cushing?

1.91 mBrian Cushing/Height

How did JJ Watt meet his wife?

They met through J.J.’s former teammate Brian Cushing, who is married to Kealia’s older sister Megan. Rumors that the two were dating started up in 2016 when J.J. was spotted at Kealia’s soccer games and he wore a shirt with her jersey number during a press conference.

Where did Brian Cushing go to high school?

Bergen Catholic High SchoolUniversity of Southern CaliforniaBrian Cushing/Education

Where is Brian Cushing from?

Park Ridge, New Jersey, United StatesBrian Cushing/Place of birth

How much is JJ Watt worth?

JJ Watt Net Worth and Salary: JJ Watt is an American professional football player who has a net worth of $50 million.

Why did Brian Cushing retire?

Cushing served two suspensions for performance-enhancing drugs. Brian Cushing’s lasting NFL legacy, unfair as it may be to some, is that of a repeat offender. Cushing served a four-game suspension to start the 2010 season after he violated the league’s performance-enhancing substances policy.

Is Brian Cushing still with the Houston Texans?

Houston Texans: Brian Cushing, LB Cushing last played in the NFL in 2017, as all nine of his NFL seasons were with the Texans, and he started in all 104 games played with the franchise.

How old is Brian Cushing?

34 years (January 24, 1987)Brian Cushing/Age

What is Brian Cushing net worth?

Brian Cushing has an estimated net worth of $5million.

Is Brian Cushing a Hall of Famer?

Despite the way he went out, Cushing has earned his place in the Texans Ring of Honor, the NFL Hall of Fame, and the top of this list.