Question: Does Melo Have A Scoring Title?

Where does Carmelo rank in scoring?

*Active players are in CAPS….NBA History – Points Leaders.Points LeadersRKPLAYERPTS9Moses Malone27,40910CARMELO ANTHONY27,33711Elvin Hayes27,31322 more rows.

Does Melo have an MVP?

Carmelo Anthony was an extremely capable offensive player in his prime, and it is a shame that he hasn’t won an MVP or a championship.

What is Kobe Bryant’s career high in points?

The standout performance came on Jan. 22 when Bryant torched the Raptors for 81 points, the second-highest individual total of all time behind only Chamberlain’s 100-point explosion.

Who won the scoring title in 2020?

Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has won the 2020-21 NBA scoring title, averaging 32.0 points per game to beat out Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal (31.3 PPG).

What year did Melo win the scoring title?

Three players from the 2003 Draft have led the NBA in scoring: Lebron James in 2007-08, Dwayne Wade in 2008-09 and Carmelo Anthony in 2012-13.

How many scoring titles did Kobe win?

Kobe Bryant — 2-time scoring champion Kobe, in his second post-Shaquille O-Neal season, averaged a career-high 35.4 points, the ninth-highest single-season average in league history.

Who has the highest PPG in NBA history?

Michael JordanNBA/ABARankPlayerPPG1.Michael Jordan*30.122.Wilt Chamberlain*30.073.Elgin Baylor*27.364.Jerry West*27.03153 more rows

Has any NBA team scored 200 points?

Originally Answered: Has there ever been a 200 point basketball game? In 1983 the Pistons won a triple overtime game, 186–184. That’s the highest NBA score for a team. No team has scored 200 points in a game though.

What is the lowest NBA score ever?

19-18Lowest Scoring Game: Pistons vs. I have nothing to back this claim up, but something tells me that there were more fans asleep in the stands on Nov. 22, 1950 than there were points scored on the court. In the lowest scoring game of all time, the Fort Wayne Pistons beat the Minneapolis Lakers 19-18 that day.

Is Carmelo Anthony top 50 all-time?

The Breakdown: Say what you want about Carmelo Anthony, but he no doubt is a Top 50 NBA Player of All-time.

Who voted Melo for MVP?

Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn Voted for Carmelo Anthony Over LeBron James for MVP.

Is La La Anthony married?

Carmelo Anthonym. 2010La La Anthony/SpouseA little over two years following their engagement, the couple’s son Kiyan Carmelo Anthony was born on March 7, 2007. He’s a hooper like his father. La La Anthony is supportive of him on social media. The NBA star and his wife La La tied the knot on July 10, 2010, at Cipriani’s in NYC.

Does Carmelo Anthony have any scoring titles?

While Carmelo won only a single scoring title in his career (2012-13, 28.7 ppg), he ranked in the top 10 in scoring for nine straight seasons (2005-06 to 2013-14) and finished as the runner up for the scoring title twice in that span.

Who scored 70 points in an NBA game?

Wilt Chamberlain#1 Wilt Chamberlain Not only is he one of just six players with a 70-point game in his NBA career, but Chamberlain is also the only player in NBA history with multiple games of at least 70-points (he did it six times).

What college did Kobe Bryant attend?

Lower Merion High School1996School Of The Woods MontessoriBala Cynwyd Middle SchoolKobe Bryant/Education

Did Melo ever won MVP?

2013 will finally be Carmelo Anthony’s historic MVP season. The New York Knicks are averaging 96.1 points per 48 minutes with ‘Melo on the floor. … That number jumps to 98.3 when he is not.

Will LeBron pass Kareem?

How long will it take LeBron to catch Malone and Kareem? … That would leave him 1,459 points behind Kareem — or fewer than the number of points James scored in his injured first year in L.A. If James maintains his current production, he would pass Kareem early in the 2022-23 season.

What is Michael Jordan’s highest scoring game?

Michael Jordan dropped a career-high 69 points in the Chicago Bulls overtime win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What place is Carmelo Anthony on the all-time scoring list?

10thCarmelo Anthony recently moved up to 10th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

Is Carmelo Anthony Puerto Rican?

Carmelo Anthony has made a lot of headlines for his NBA career, but he’s done plenty of good work for people with much less fame. He uses his stardom to highlight a lesser-known part of his heritage. Anthony is half Puerto Rican, and he strives to stay connected to the territory.

Who voted against LeBron in 2013 MVP?

James beat out, in order: Thunder forward Kevin Durant (765 points), Anthony (475 points), Clippers guard Chris Paul (289 points) and Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (184 points). “It was probably a writer out of New York who didn’t give me that vote,” James said Sunday of Anthony’s first-place vote.

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