Question: How Much Is Greedy Williams Contract?

How much was Ian Williams contract?

2013-2015Contract:2 yr(s) / $3,200,000Signing Bonus$1,000,000Average Salary$1,600,000Total Guarantees$1,000,000Guaranteed at Signing-1 more row.

How many games has greedy Williams?

Defense & FumblesGamesYearAgeG20192212Career12

Is greedy Williams going to play this year?

Andrew Berry optimistic Grant Delpit and Greedy Williams healthy in 2021; Denzel Ward needed oxygen on sidelines post-COVID-19 Berry is confident Delpit and Williams will be back and playing at a high level in 2021.

What happened grant delpit?

Second-round safety Grant Delpit has been unable to suit up for the Cleveland Browns this season. He was placed on the injured reserve during training camp after suffering a torn right Achilles tendon. It was a tough blow to the Browns secondary before the season even started.

Where is greedy Williams from?

Shreveport, Louisiana, United StatesGreedy Williams/Place of birth

What number is greedy Williams?

26Cleveland Browns / CornerbackGreedy Williams/Number

How much is greedy Williams worth?

His net worth has been growing significantly in 2019-2020. So, how much is Greedy Williams worth at the age of 23 years old?…Greedy Williams Net Worth.Net Worth in 2020$1 Million – $5 MillionSource of IncomePlayer5 more rows

Is greedy Williams good?

#Browns Greedy Williams is off to a strong start in his rookie year. His Defensive and Coverage grades from last week (86.2 / 87.5) ranked him 3rd among 100 qualifying CBs. Through 2 wks, he leads all rookie CBs in Defensive, Coverage, Run Defense, and Tackling grades. … The 14 missed tackles in 2019 will attest to that.

What team does greedy Williams play for?

Cleveland Browns#26 / CornerbackGreedy Williams/Current teams

Who is injured on the Browns?

INJURY REPORTSPlayerPositionInjuryBen NiemannLBHamstringDerrick NnadiDTKneeMike RemmersOLBack / IllnessDemarcus RobinsonWRBack7 more rows

Is greedy Williams hurt?

Per his Twitter account, Cleveland Browns corner Greedy Williams has announced he’s been cleared from the shoulder injury that kept him out the entire 2020 season.