Quick Answer: Cam Akers Florida State Nfl Draft Profile

Will Cam Akers be good?

It’s no stretch of the imagination to project 400 yards and three touchdowns to Akers as a receiver in 2021 as well.

All totaled, Cam Akers projects to contribute 1,650 yards and 15 touchdowns to the Rams offense next season.

Whoever is under center will most certainly appreciate that contribution..

Where is Cam Akers now?

Los Angeles Rams#23 / Running backCam Akers/Current teams

What team drafted Cam Akers?

Los Angeles RamsCam Akers/Drafted by teamThe Rams drafted the 5-foot-10, 217-pound Akers a little more than a month after releasing Gurley, the three-time Pro Bowl selection and the 2017 NFL offensive player of the year whose balky left knee and gigantic contract convinced the Rams he was expendable.

Is Cam Akers the starter for the Rams?

Rookie running back Cam Akers starting to emerge for Rams – Los Angeles Rams Blog- ESPN.

Will Cam Akers get drafted?

With the 52nd pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the LA Rams selected Cam Akers, running back, out of Florida State.

When was Cam Akers drafted?

2020Los Angeles Rams2017Florida State Seminoles footballCam Akers/Dates joined

How much does Cam Akers weigh?

98 kgCam Akers/Weight

Where did Cam Akers go to college?

Florida State UniversityCam Akers/College

What is Cam Akers injury?

Cam Akers is battling an ankle injury and was also listed as DNP.

Why is Cam Akers out?

Akers suffered a high ankle sprain after rushing 15 times for 63 yards. He was injured early in the second quarter and came back with the ankle heavily taped. “He is a war daddy,” Rams coach Sean McVay said Monday, according to ESPN. “But he is going to be out for at least the next week or so.”

What NFL team did Cam Akers go to?

Los Angeles RamsCam Akers/Drafted by team

How Fast Is Cam Akers?

Professional careerHeightWeight40-yard dash5 ft 10 3⁄8 in (1.79 m)217 lb (98 kg)4.47 sAll values from NFL Combine

What high school did Cam Akers go to?

Florida State UniversityClinton High SchoolCam Akers/Education

How tall is Akers?

1.78 mCam Akers/Height