Quick Answer: What Is Cam Akers Injury?

Why is Cam Akers out?

Akers suffered a high ankle sprain after rushing 15 times for 63 yards.

He was injured early in the second quarter and came back with the ankle heavily taped.

“He is a war daddy,” Rams coach Sean McVay said Monday, according to ESPN.

“But he is going to be out for at least the next week or so.”.

Is Cam Akers any good?

Akers was absolutely dominant against New England, finding open space quickly, hitting the holes hard and consistently finishing with impressive power. Akers is an extremely tough running back who is difficult for nearly any single defender to take down in space.

What high school did Cam Akers go to?

Florida State UniversityClinton High SchoolCam Akers/Education

Is Cam Akers playing Week 4?

Friday update: The Seahawks have ruled Cam Akers out for Week 4 against the Giants. … Akers suffered separated cartilage in his ribs two weeks ago against the Eagles and then was unable to play last week against the Bills.

What happened to Rams running back?

Yes, the Rams parted ways with the five-year veteran running back, a decision that was both difficult and costly. The Rams benefited from incredible production from Gurley, as a runner, as a receiver, and as a scorer. But the signs of so much exertion were beginning to indicate a decline in the runner’s ability.

Where is Cam Akers from?

Clinton, Mississippi, United StatesCam Akers/Place of birth

How much is Cam Akers contract?

Cam Akers signed a 4 year, $6,173,035 contract with the Los Angeles Rams, including a $2,049,480 signing bonus, $2,940,072 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $1,543,259.

How much does Cam Akers weigh?

98 kgCam Akers/Weight

How Long Will Akers be out?

McVay: Cam Akers out for Week 16 with ankle injury.

Will Cam Akers start for the Rams?

Share All sharing options for: Rams found their 2021 starting running back in Cam Akers. No player on the Rams offense in 2020 inspired more hope in the second half than rookie running back Cam Akers.

Who does Cam Akers play for?

Los Angeles Rams#23 / Running backCam Akers/Current teams

What’s wrong with Cam Akers?

Cam Akers limited in practice but “feeling good” Rams rookie Cam Akers returned from an ankle injury that kept him out of Week 16 and rushed for only 34 yards on 21 carries Sunday. He admitted Monday the Rams need “more” out of their running game this week.

Who are the running backs for the Rams?

Cam AkersDarrell HendersonRaymond CalaisXavier JonesLos Angeles Rams/Running backs

How old is Cam Akers?

21 years (June 22, 1999)Cam Akers/Age