Who Is Michael Thomas Related To?

Is Michael Thomas Keyshawn Johnson nephew?

Thomas is the nephew of former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson..

Who is the best wide receiver in the NFL?

Here is my new list of the top five wide receivers in 2020:Davante Adams. Green Bay Packers · Year 7. … Stefon Diggs. Buffalo Bills · Year 6. … Tyreek Hill. Kansas City Chiefs · Year 5. … DeAndre Hopkins. Arizona Cardinals · Year 8. … Calvin Ridley. Atlanta Falcons · Year 3.Jan 1, 2021

Who is number 19 on the Buccaneers?

John FranklinRosterDown arrow icon PlayerDown arrow icon NoDown arrow icon WeightChris Godwin14209Cam Gill49240William Gholston92281John Franklin1918653 more rows

Is Michael Thomas still with the Saints?

Thomas signed a five-year, $96-plus-million contract extension in 2019. He restructured it once last year to free up cap space. The Saints returned to that well once again in 2021 to earn more room to get under the cap.

How old is Keyshawn Johnson?

48 years (July 22, 1972)Keyshawn Johnson/Age

Are the Saints under the salary-cap?

The Saints have about $180 million in scheduled salary-cap costs for 2022, with 27 players on the roster. And that doesn’t include potential new deals for Ramczyk, Lattimore, Armstead, Williams, Hill and quarterback Jameis Winston — whose price tag could skyrocket if he earns the starting job and thrives.

How old is Kamara?

25 years (July 25, 1995)Alvin Kamara/Age

How tall is Mike Evans?

1.96 mMike Evans/Height

Where is Keyshawn Johnson now?

Keyshawn Johnson is currently an NFL analyst on ESPN’s “NFL Live” and co-hosts ESPN Radio’s weekday morning show, “Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin,” ESPN reported.

Who is Keyshawn Johnson’s nephew?

WR Michael ThomasKeyshawn Johnson Jr. is also a wide receiver committed to play for the University of Nebraska. His nephew is current New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas.

How much does Thomas morstead make?

Morstead signed a 4-year, $15,850,000 contract with the Saints in 2018, making him the highest paid player at his position.

How old is Antonio Brown?

32 years (July 10, 1988)Antonio Brown/Age

How tall is Keyshawn Johnson?

1.93 mKeyshawn Johnson/Height

Is Michael Thomas injured?

Saints star wide receiver Michael Thomas is likely to have surgery on his torn deltoid and other injured ligaments in his high ankle this offseason, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. … He struggled with a high-ankle sprain and related issues throughout the season.

Who are Michael Thomas parents?

Michael Thomas, Sr.Michael Thomas/Parents

What pick was Michael Thomas?

47The New Orleans Saints pick wide receiver Michael Thomas No. 47 overall.

What was Michael Thomas 40 time?

4.57sPercentiles vs. Wide ReceiversMeasurableMeasurement%tile40 Yard Dash4.57s29Vertical Jump35″44Broad Jump126″823-Cone Drill6.8s778 more rows

Why is Thomas out for the Saints?

Saints WR Michael Thomas ruled out for remainder of regular season with ankle injury. The Saints are placing Michael Thomas on injured reserve due to the ankle injury that has been bothering him throughout the season. Thomas will miss the remainder of the regular season but is expected to be ready for the postseason.

Does Michael Thomas have siblings?

Michael Thomas | Quick FactsNameMichael ThomasEducationOhio State UniversityFather’s NameMichael Thomas, Sr.Mother’s NameBernadette ThomasSiblingN/A19 more rows